Friday, May 21, 2010

Why I do what i do...

If youre reading this blog, Im just going to assume that you know what i do. What ive done for as long as i can remember. 

I work with kids. Its what ive always done, & always known. I remember changing my first diaper (Thanks Keena!) when i was about 6 years old. We lived in Waldorf and i remember not really being tall enough for the changing table so i stood on my tiptoes. It would only seem natural that 17 years later i would still be working with kids. 

Lately ive been really struggling with it. I am nannying right now (part time) but its slowly starting to take its toll on me. I feel my patience thinning, and the number of children that i want is down to none right now. People are always telling me that my own kids will be different, and im really hoping so. Not that the kids that ive watched in the years havent been great, but sometimes it can be difficult. 

I have nannyed in Ireland, & Alaska, and know that if hadnt had this gift, those opportunities would have never happened. Im grateful for that. 

There are definite times where after i have worked in the morning, that im not necessarily looking forward to watching any more children for the rest of the afternoon. Let me share a story with you...

Yesterday i was tired, and worn out but not necessarily wanting to do anything. My sister in law called wondering if i would be able to watch my little nephew while her and my brother ran to get some things done. I wasnt set on the idea of it as i was tired and had been fighting a headache all day. Reluctantly i agreed. (Now, i need to say this: i love my sister in law. i love my brother. i love my nephew. there was no guilt involved. i did it because i love them.)

We just hung out. He napped. He pooped (all over me might i add). He ate. He didnt really even cry. It was a wonderful day.

When his parents got back he was bathed and in bed sleeping away. 

This is where i get to the point:

You could see a look of relief on my sister in law's face. You could see how thankful she was that i was willing to watch her son. She knew that he was taken care of. She knew that he was safe. We both had a wonderful time.

That is why i do what i do. That is why i watch kids. Some are annoying and obnoxious, some are sweet and kind. Some i will never watch again (there's only 1). I take what God has given me, and put it to good use. I have never even thought about charging a certain price when i watched kids, because i wanted to bless people. I didnt want people to feel like they shouldnt call because they might not have been able to afford it.

When i was in ireland i watched a couple of kiddos, and it was great. I knew the family wouldnt be able to pay me, and i was OK with that. Their kids were sweet and kind, and i was more than willing to do it to give them a night out. After the kids went to bed i turned on the TV and washed up the dishes, & cleaned the kitchen. (Thats what i do. I always try to leave the house in better condition than when i got there.) The parents got back later, and were shocked. Apparently in Ireland lots of babysitters charge OUTRAGEOUS prices for just a warm body to be in the house. They had never had anyone clean up while they were out. It makes me tear up just thinking about it...

Now, im not saying that hey look how awesome i am, but rather im giving you some sort of insight into why i work with kids, and why i love them so much. Its not so much that im blessing the parents, but that the children are blessing me. Their innocence is something that i wish i had, so i just try gather up as much of that as i can while im around them. 

Just now my friend's little boy ran into my room and snuggled up with me on my bed. He's now telling me about how when he's 7 he's going to be bigger and stronger than me... i can deal with that as long as he still has sleepovers with me when he's 7. He said that he will....

Ah. There you have it. That's why i love kids and what i do what i do. Now, i just need to remember all of that when i go to work today...

Courageously working with kids,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Guilty Pleasure

So, im not really one to be all fluffy & change colors in font on my blog, but this post is deserving of a color change.

What time is it? What is my guilty pleasure?

Yep, you guessed it. Its NBA finals season and boy am i amped. My home team is not in the playoffs (dont hate on the MN Timberwolves... they just arent there yet), but my team is on the move towards a 2nd NBA ring. Yep. the Lakers. Im a Lakers fan and i am not afraid to say it.

Also, right now im streaming the Cavaliers vs. Celtics game on my computer. I am not a Cavs fan by any means, nor am i a Lebron fan. The reason i watch is to see (and hope) that the Celtics beat the Cavs. it would be sweet justice. it would put my heart to rest for just a little bit longer...

Im not really sure where my love for basketball started, but boy am i thankful for it. 

Last year i would go to Buffalo Wild Wings, sit up at the bar, order a hard cider & wings, and just sit there and watch the game. My favorite memory is of 2 jr high basketball coaches. They were men in their mid 30s who were there after a game, and sat down a few stools from me. I was talking with the bartender about the game, and they happened to over hear me. The Lakers were playing the Nuggets, and it was a pretty intense series. The guys thought that they would try to test my knowledge a little bit, and were just picking at LA. Finally, i looked at the bartender, (we were kind of buddies. He was a sweet man.) he winked at me, and i started to chat with the coaches. They were talking about a call and they clearly had no idea what they were talking about. They were trying to BS their way through it, and were completely unsuccessful in their attempt to sound smart. I totally schooled them (really. i did. im not just saying that to sound awesome. i really did.) and they proceeded to not talk to me for the rest of the night, and let me revel in the glorious win of my team... it was wonderful~!

Now, it is almost half-time. Im hoping the Celtics win, move on to play Orlando, and then i dont really care who wins there...


I do care about the western conference finals series. My friend Amanda is a huge Suns fan, so im totally pumped to talk a little smack these next couple of weeks...!

Ah, the joys of being a basketball fan...!

Bring on the Suns.

Courageously hating on Lebron,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The 3 Game

My friend Angie over here, tagged me in the 3 game, and Im super excited to do this! 

Here i go~
Thanks Angie!!

3 names I go by:

Miss Lauren

3 jobs I have had:

Preschool Teacher's Assistant
Assistant to THE J.Gray

3 places I have lived:
Janesville, MN

Skerries, Ireland
Juneau, AK

3 fave drinks:
Strawberry & Basil Mojito

White Chocolate Mocha
Pomegranate Sunshine (AMAZING juice)

3 TV shows I watch:

The Big Bang Theory
Prison Break

3 places I have been:


3 places I would like to visit:


3 fave retro TV shows:
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Charles in Charge

3 fave dishes:
Black Bean Tacos with cilantro slaw & Feta

Voges Boats
Saturday Morning Breakfast

3 things I am looking forward to:
Prison Break to end...

The start of a new book...
My life picking up and beginning again...

I now tag...

Sharon @ Following the Way
Naomi @ And Adeline too
Breanne @ Life of a Newlywed

Courageously playing games,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bravery is all relative

Jane very professionally places the Croque-Monsieurs onto two 
waiting plates, adds some salad on the side.  Adam stands 
nearby with a glass of wine, jacket off. * 
That looks amazing.  

It’s called a croque-monsieur. It’s 
one of the first things I learned 
to make when I lived in Paris 
because the ingredients are really  
really cheap. 

When did you live in Paris? 

In my early twenties. I went there 
to take a six day pastry class and 
ended up staying a year working as 
an apprentice in a baker y. 

What is not shown on this screenplay is that Adam next says to Jane, "Wow. You're really brave." 

Hm... this obviously does something to me for me to be almost in tears at Barnes & Noble while typing all of that. 

I love hearing Steve Martin (Adam) telling Meryl Streep (Jane) that she is so brave for going and living in a foreign land for however long. That is wonderful, and that was so brave of her to do that. 

Now, if someone were to tell me that (and many people have) i would just brush it off with a simple thank you, knowing that deep down inside it really wasnt all that brave. When i lived in Ireland & Alaska i never had a second thought about it. I just figured that I needed to take the chance set before me, and go. Never once did i, or do i now, think that those instances were extremely brave. They were what i did at that time.

Now some of you are immediately thinking of the comment that you will be posting after this because no, i was completely brave. I understand and i say thank you, but its really not necessary. 

There are many things that other people consider easy or brave. Some people view being able to drive in the cities as easy. I thought i was brave to just be able to drive to the airport and back! Some people may think nothing of letting people in on their life. I think long and hard about every single blog post keeping in mind who will be reading this. I dont want everyone i know in on every single part of my life for fear of judgment. Some people may think that my going and living in another country is brave... i thought of it as something that i just needed to take advantage of and go do...

Im not sure what im trying to say or convey here, if anything. Im just letting my mind and thoughts wander, and fall in place wherever they may. I think im going to classify this as a sounding board post. Somewhere that i can come back to and think about it again...

So, here i go. Off to do bigger and braver things. 

Courageously saying that i dont think that i am the bravest person in the world,

ps: the first few lines are from the movie "It's Complicated"