Sunday, June 6, 2010

Do you ever get the feeling that you were made for something more? The
feeling that maybe you arent doing enough with your life? The feeling that
however hard you try, life may still pass you by?

Ive had that feeling lately. The feeling of knowing that I was made for
something. The feeling that lurking around some corner unbeknownst to myself
is what I have truly been called to do. However, the road to that corner is
a long one. Maybe I wouldn't even call it a road as much as I would call it
a journey...

Thinking of the journey that 4 hobbits took to bring 1 simple little ring to
Mt. Doom is the type of journey that im picturing. It was never intended to
be easy, and there were many things lost and gained along the way. The 4
friends became separated, and even ended up having different journeys of
their own. They made new friends. They banded together. They took wrong
paths. They faced extraordinary road blocks. They had triumphs, but at great
cost to themselves and others. They trusted people who had good intentions,
but it was maybe at a greater cost than what they had hoped for.


Their mission was accomplished. Their journey was long and brutal, but if it
werent for that journey, their lives, and many others, would have been

So, that's where I am today. My journey has been long and hard. My journey
has had losses and gains. I have had people by my side since the beginning,
and I have learned that this is too hard of a journey for others... And
that's ok. Each person in my life has, in some part, brought me to where I
am today. Brought me to a place where I know that if I keep going, I will
find that corner with the locked door. The door that ive always known has
been there, but ive just had to find my way there.

Yes, Frodo carried the ring, but without the help of his 3 hobbit friends
(and the countless others involved that he didn't even know) he would have
never made it there. In the end, Frodo was the one left with the decision to
throw the ring into the fire, and let it be destroyed forever, and bring
forth a new life for all of middle earth. It was not an easy decision for
him to make, and some may argue that it wasn't even made for him, but it
happened. And his life was forever changed.

That is what I am now hoping and moving towards... A life that is forever

Courageously journeying ahead,