Wednesday, February 29, 2012

alright. so, today is the last day of february. i know that i need to finish off my feb faves, but i feel that today's fave needs to be shared... pronto.

So. as some of you know, the weather here has been a bit... interesting this winter. no snow. lots of rain. especially when we're supposed to get snow. it's super strange, but i truly love it. why? i hate cold weather. during the winter i am never warm. ever. and this year i have actually been able to feel my toes a few times. heck, ive even felt my nose.

anyway. these last couple of days we were supposed to get a ton of snow & rain & sleet & freezing rain. whew. that feels & sounds like a lot.

but nothing happened. my way into work tuesday morning was a bit rough, but evened out by the time i was home. and last night we cruised around in the rain & man it was pouring.

before i went to bed last night i decided that if 2 area town schools were 2 hours late, that i would just call in & not chance it. only 1 of the 2 were late, so i decided to trek into town.

***i cant believe i forgot this part***

this morning i texted the bf to remind him that he really needed to drive home carefully because the weather where he lives was a lot worse. he told me to be careful, too. i tell him.... "roads are fine down here so i'l be ok. your roads are labeled purple for difficult. be careful. i love you."another one i sent was "your roads suck today! and im telling you to drive safely because i maybe want to keep you around despite the fact that you were tshirts to nice places! ;).

***back to my story***

so. i take the highway, go 65mph, & decide that im going to take the highways instead of the backroads because they might be a little more slick.

clear roads. mist. a great podcast and i was cruising.

i hit the last gravel road & am now less than 2 miles from work. i start driving up the gravel hill & realize that it's taking a little extra effort to get up. and then i realize that i dont think im going UP the hill anymore. shoot. i carefully put on the brakes & see that im still moving. ok. i park it. im not moving for the moment.

i thing to myself that i should put the car into reverse & just attempt to go backwards down the hill. perfect! smart thinking LVo!

well. it wouldve been great. if the vehicle hadnt decided to slowly turn down the hill. i try to drive into the slow spin-out and i failed even more.

so im now sideways on a gravel hill knowing that at any moment someone could spee down the hill & totally hit me. im now getting closer to turning the car forward down the hill, but im also realizing that im closer to the other side of the road (the right side). awesome. well, maybe it'd be better to just drive into the ditch because that's really the only option i have right now.

nope. let's give this one more shot. i can DO THIS!

once again. nope. im in the middle of the road. sideways. again. and know that my only option is to do this:

not too bad, huh?! so here i sit. less than a mile from work. and yes, that road is glare ice. awesome.

so i proceed to call work & see if someone can use one of their big trucks & pull me out of the ditch. thankfully a coworker drives by & offers me a ride. my boss then comes driving down the road. and this another truck & a HUGE gravel truck arrives:

i watch as they slide around in their huge trucks & then attempt to pile tons of gravel & sand to make some form of traction to get me outta there.

they attached a tow rope. pull me out. and bam! i get to back it up down the hill. i turn left & am back on the road & ready to go to work. and i made it! finally!

i get to work & EVERYONE knows what happened. people are coming into my office & telling me im famous around this palce. 

and before i left, i had 3 people tell me the same thing: im supposed to stay inbetween the ditches. not IN the ditches. lame.

so here's where it gets tricky. when it first happened, i started crying. not because i was scared or worried or anything. but i was nervous that everyone would know & then id be the dumb girl who got stuck in the ditch. the one who doesnt know what's she's doing... blah blah blah. 

i wanted to be known as being fun & spunky & great at my job & fun & all of those other things. instead im now the girl who got stuck in the ditch & needed my boss to come help get me out. dang it. i hate that!

so now im just feeling a bit insecure. im wondering what it'll all look like from here. im sure nothing will be awful & i'll let myself speak for me. 

but it's definitely an insecurity of mine. 

so there you have it. there's my exciting thing to remember about this leap year. ive never gone in the ditch before so there you have it! 

now. i will definitely be trying different routes into work... 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

alright. lent is starting up & im all set to go.

if youre a facebook friend, then you'll know what im giving up. yes. ladies & gentlemen i am giving up alcohol for lent.

now before you get your panties in a bunch about my actually drinking, please listen.

i drink to enjoy flavors. you will not see me at a hoppin' club downtown tearin' up the dance floor because ive had 5 too many crappy beers to drink.

you will see me sitting at a hole in the wall bar with my friend or bf sipping a wonderful cocktail that has ingredients that you've probably never heard of.
i love the flavors & smells & everything else that comes with a wonderful drink.

so why am i giving up something so delightfully wonderful?

well. i also know that i sometimes have a hard time having difficult conversations. so, what do i do? i sip on a wonderful cocktail & in the words of Professor Slughorn from the 6th Harry Potter movie, "How about a little liquid courage?"

yes. that is how i feel sometimes.

im not saying that i cant have a difficult conversation without it, because i know that i can. 

im trying to push myself to gain skills to have these conversations without necessarily having to have a drink along with it.

i'll say that im a bit panicked. im afraid that difficult conversations will crop up all over & i'll just have to deal with it and go. 

so. there's all of that. i always learn something new about myself & about the Lord during the lenten season & im anxious to see what it'll be this season.

i had one last whiskey cocktail & it was delish. 

i will say that the bf is definitely wondering how this is going to go. a cd release & his birthday without even a glass of wine? i told him to stock up on sparkling grape juice ;)

may grace & peace be with you during this season~

Monday, February 20, 2012

feb faves

Ok. so what about blogging has been such a chore to me lately?! i have had it on my list for the last week or so & every time i sit down to do it, i dont want to. But i just need to get over it & do it because you need to see what my good february moments are! (Yes, i said need. you maybe want to, but you definitely need to. it may change your life. and i may be seriously sarcastic.)

So, let's begin where i left off...

Feb. 7th: i slept through the night! I hadnt been sleeping at all for the past couple of weeks & it finally happened. i felt so much better & awake. my friend even commented that i looked like i had slept... woohoo!

Feb. 8th: So, my notes (i keep track of this on my ical) say that i woke up to a message from the bf. im sure i did, i just dont remember the message! but thanks! :)

Feb. 9th: I received an email from a dear friend from Ireland & it completely made my day. Thank you Helena for the birthday wishes & reading my blog~! Also, thank you to the bff for the amazing parisian martini that i came home to! SO GOOD!!!

Feb. 10th: my friend's little boy & i were talking about basketball. i said that i loved ricky rubio because he had great hair. I then said that i wanted to marry him. G quickly told me NO!! DONT!! why? because he likes my bf so much more & that i should keep dating him because he knows legend of zelda & halo. Alright... i guess i'll keep him around... ;)

Feb. 11th: I checked the mail & found birthday cards from the grumpy-goos! :) they were homemade & even included a piece of chocolate :)

Feb. 12th (aka the day of my birth/least favorite day of the year): ive never liked my birthday. ever. there's something about the day that screams PRESSURE to be great that makes me cringe whenever it comes around. the bf & i had an argument the night before & i fell asleep crying. i was a bit apprehensive to say the least.
I woke up bright & early & had had a great dream the night before! My bff had totally gone bad-ass in my dream & it was amazing! I was then greeted with a wonderful breakfast of my favorite thing: french toast. amazing! the bf drove down & joined in on it with us. Oh! i forgot about the mimosas! they were amazing! (dont use champagne.) It was then a super chill day throughout the rest of the day. a couple of more friends came over for a dinner of black bean tacos & slaw, margaritas, guacamole, & yellow cake with chocolate frosting. the party favors were great. the company was wonderful. i received gift cards, a trip up north to snow shoe (?!?!!?) & the most beautiful mirror ive ever seen. Ive been looking at it forever, & completely sobbed when i opened it. Thank you oh, so much~ 
Oh! the bf & i then went out to our usual wine place, had a bottle, watched a little of the grammys & went home. I even commented about how i wished the day wouldnt end. ive never felt that way before... it was wonderful~

Feb. 13th: FIRST DAY OF WORK!!!!! My job title is graphics/administrator. awesome! the best part? i make copies. that's really about it! It's only part time for now, but could very quickly become a full-time position. Im really enjoying it & have been told that im catching on rather quickly. i love that. i have my own desk on which i can place pictures!! i can be as organized as i want & i can organize however i want. i get to listen to my music (AMAZING!!) and i can even snack throughout my shift. it's really great to be out & doing something that i feel like im good at. The only downfall? my work injury is paper-cuts. ouch. seriously.

Feb. 14th: Valentine's Day has always been a bit of an annoyance to me. probably because ive been single. probably because its by my birthday. or maybe because it screams pink. i dont know... either way.
i received a valentine's present the day before of martini glasses, a shot glass, & a shaker...!!!!!!! 
the actual day consisted of valentines all around. the bf & i made plans to go to our favorite wine place & look at a book i had filled out (it's called how to love me. BUY IT. it's better for the person actually filling it out because the questions are deep & very interesting). First i got to open my gift from him. it consisted of 16 boxes of sweethearts. i had briefly told him that my favorite part of valentines day was when my dad put those on our spots at the table & we got to eat them. Anyway, i realized there were 16. He then told me to look a bit closer. Once i did i realized that on the back of each one was something that he loved about me... my love of good food... when i wear my hair down... when we go out for drinks... etc. yes. i completely sobbed. what girl wouldnt?! we then headed out & grabbed fries from Arby's (our FAVORITE guilty pleasure place) & then bar hopped around town for good drinks. we ended the night with a great bottle of wine & a little reminiscing~

Feb. 15th: i had a great conversation with the bf before i headed out to work. it was fun & light-hearted~! :)


Feb. 17th: the end of my first week at work ended with a big mess up, but it wasnt a big deal. But, im glad to say that my first week was a success!! Im still enjoying my job & feel like ive caught on super quick & that im ready for what's next. im adding new things to learn every day & am really enjoying it... it's perfect for me!! 

Feb. 18th: i trekked up to the city & had a great weekend. the bf & i were in a parking lot trying to figure out where to eat, & realized that right next to my vehicle (we were sitting in his) a guy was peeing on the grass! So what do we do? hit the button on the keychain to make the care make a noise & watch him jump a mile into the air! Oh man... we laughed so hard that i thought i might need to go & pee in the grass! ;)

Feb. 19th: we were at the MOA & they had blocked off the area where they normally have performances... so what do we do? The bf grabs my hand & we very quickly walk right through it. Now, i am not a rule-breaker, but i loved it. we even took a minute to sneak a quick kiss... you know, for extra luck! ;)

Feb. 20th: i went into work to find the project that i had messed up on friday completed! my boss took the extra time to make the copies & glue them for me. AWESOME!! i was so happy to see that & thanked him profusely. he deserved the thanks.

so there you have it. those are a few of the things that im enjoying about the month. i have a few more days to go, so im still holding out to see who comes out ahead.

thanks for reading~! :)

(oh. i clearly included a few pics for fun! :)

 My valentine~
 me & the bff (hello yellow box cake!!)
My new desk!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

modern day ruin

wanna know a little more about the bf?

check out this page to listen to one of his band's songs, & also take a couple of minutes & vote for them!

im maybe a little proud of him.

also check out this page to like them on facebook!

ps: see if you can figure out the awesome girl singing the vocals in the background... ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


so this has nothing to do with my love or hatred of february... it's rather a few thoughts that have been stirring within me.

i have a few posts within me, but this one is coming forward within me so here it is.

so i have a few coping skills for things that come up within my life, & one of them is anger. whenever i am hurt or sad or whatever else, & i dont want to be... i turn to anger. i just get ragey & pissed off & channel everything into that.

i felt like i laid that to rest a few months ago & have just decided to feel my hurt feelings & go with that. but lately i have felt anger creeping up within me. yesterday morning i was telling my friend that i just want the chance to punch someone or to just be pissed off because that was all i felt.

i hate that about me. i wish i could just let my feelings be hurt & somehow work through it in that space.

but there are situations & circumstances & people that bring that out in me. 

i hate it that these people continually hurt me. and i know that those people only have as much power over you that you give them... i get that.

however. there's something about that statement that somehow removes your actual feelings that you feel. their words still hurt. their actions still hurt. and im trying to not give them anymore power over me that what's actually there, but it's still a bit difficult.

so. i hate being angry. i would love to just cry & be hurt & attempt to get over it that way. but im also sick of having the same feelings about the same situations all of the time.

so. what can i do about that? 

im not quite sure. im still trying to figure that one out. im sorting things out & trying to see what situations/people are good for me, & what ones bring complete toxicity into my life.

and it's difficult. and i dont have all of the right answers. and i dont have it all figured out.

but i think that it at least counts that im trying. that im being proactive & trying to weed out good & bad people & situations in my life.

i would love for certain relationships & situations to grow into something beautiful & be redeemed & to just move past certain things. i feel like im ready for that. but i guess it takes two or three... right?...

so. there you have it. i dont want to be angry, but i dont want to be hurt. so here's to attempting to find the balance~!

. . . more on that later. . . 


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

alright. i have a few moments to sit down & write about a few of my favorite things so far in the month of february. 

let me tell you... this hasnt been easy. february has kicked my butt so far & im just attempting to stay calm & focused. i was talking to my a friend last night & telling her how i would love to just not cry for 1 day during february... just 1 single day. she then tells me to just go with it & maybe next year will be my year. i kinda like that idea. i think that ive put so much pressure on myself to be OK that im not even living up to my own expectations. 

So. if i cry, i do. if i dont, i dont. either way, i just need to go with it. 

SO. without further ado... my february so far:

Feb. 1st: Day 1 started with me getting to spend the day with my nephew, Ethan! It has kinda sorta even changed into me doing that for 3 days/week... woohoo! i love that little boy. as sweet as he is, he can be a sweet little stinker too, which is great for me because i have a ton of fun with his spunkiness :)

Feb. 2nd: a simple cup of coffee made by el tigre made my day. it was a long day... but there is nothing like sipping a cup of coffee knowing that it has been made with love. it changes my day~

Feb. 3rd: I got to go hang with my nephew again, & this time i got to have breakfast with my brother, too! we ordered pancakes, french toast, etc., from the local cafe & boy oh boy, it was tasty. that might be my new favorite breakfast place...

Feb. 4th: I headed up to the city friday night & saturday spent part of the day riding rides at the MOA with the bf, a sister & bro in law, and 3 nieces & a nephew! whew! it was a ton of fun & i definitely had moments of being a scaredy-cat. not afraid to admit it. but it was a ton of fun :) 

Feb. 5th: it ended up being a VERY LONG day... not all good... but. i went to the MOA with the bf & enjoyed a light lunch with GREAT drinks at Tucci Benucch & ended it with a delicious dessert of tiramisu. OH. MY. GOODNESS. it was amazing. thankfully we split it because there's no way i wouldve finished that on my own. thanks, Jason. it was a blast. thanks for loving me :)

Feb. 6th: So. ive been looking for a job. and it has been a mess. i went to a temp agency & had a prospective job that doesnt need my at the moment. SO, i went to another one & was actually offered a part-time job after my interview yesterday. i have to go in & take a drug test today, and then i start tomorrow morning! like i said, it's part-time, but i will also be watching my nephew the last part of the week. so it all somehow seems to be somewhat coming together. It's still pretty not exactly what i wanted, but it's a step & that's what i need.

So. there you have it. i dont have my good thing for today yet, but im sure i'll get there eventually. 

thanks for reading. thanks for your comments. thanks for walking this out with me. im hoping that february can start looking up. it has been pretty rough but i am enjoying having at least something to focus on while im attempting to mak it through this month.

peace & blessings.

ps: i have totally been loving this weather. i hate being cold & thankfully i havent been freezing for the past few months...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

there. i said it... whew. it feels good to just get that out there.

i even googled "i hate february" to find a great image to post. and you know what? im not the only one who is blogging about it today. that makes me feel just a little bit better about the month...

oh. why you ask? where do i even begin...

its usually the coldest month. (i HATE the cold.)
my day of birth falls in february. 
ive never enjoyed valentine's day.
why? because my birthday treats/cakes always had some sort of pink on them. im not a fan of pink.
the days seem short. winter seems so close, yet so far to being done.

ugh. even thinking about it makes me sick. i hate that. 

i was talking with a friend last night about my hatred of the month. i was telling him about all of these thoughts & feelings & failures come up during this time. He said something that got me thinking. what if its the lord's doing in bringing all of these things to the surface? what if the reason for it is to bring redemption to those areas in my life?

Hmm. that's an interesting thought. what if that's true? God can do anything He wants, so maybe that's how it'll work in me.

so. what's my reason with this post then? well. ive decided that i need to change my attitude about this month. but how do i do that when inevitably something can go wrong at any minute that will completely send me into the stratosphere?

well. that is where this blog, right here, comes into play! 

i was thinking about it this morning & ive decided. i need to think of at LEAST one good thing for every day of the month. i'll make sure that i write it down, & when i have a free moment, i will sit down & blog about it.

i want to like this month. i dont want to be bitter & jaded & whatever else goes along with it. 

so. here's to a new month. to a new view on an old month. 

feel free to add your thoughts along with it.