Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Musings

It is 7 o' clock on a Friday evening, and i am sitting at Barnes & Nobles in the mall eating a mediocre pretzel sandwich, and drinking delicious coffee. 

I am killing time before I attempt to go to the 10:10pm 3D showing of Avatar. I havent decided if im going to actually make it... i still have 3 hours to decide.

I thought about going to my sister's and crashing there, but she has a headache. bummer. 

Instead I am listening to Andrew Bird while people watching.

Behind me sits a guy surrounded by books. In front of me sits 3 people, one of whom seems to be rather strange... ah well. 

To my right there are 2 men giving the barista their order. Well, i should say one it waiting atiently for the barista to take his order. 

There are people walking around browsing through the multiple magazine racks. The titles are "Sports, & Transportation." Sounds interesting enough.

My day has been a pretty uneventful day thus far. I chatted with my old youth pastor this morning and that was wonderful. I needed that chat. Am looking forward to chatting with him again later this week!

My BFT (Best friend Taya) and her boys get back tomorrow. I cannot wait. Im dying. I am super pumped to cook, eat, lounge, laugh, cry, hang out with margaret, and end it with a hopefully dreamless sleep in the spare room. I will head off to the big city tomorrow night to greet them at the airport. I told them i would make a sign. i need to work on that...

Ugh. My awful pretzel sandwich is staring at me and taunting me. Why did it have to be so not good? I was hoping for something great and filling. Oh, it's filling but its a super heavy filling. Not quite what i was looking for...

So far since i have been back i havent run into too many people that i know. i kind of like it like that. im not ready to integrate back into society yet. Especially since you Minnesotans do not appreciate my Tuffs.. Ugh. When i rock the skirt with the boots, people look at me funny. i do not enjoy it. So if you see me, please do not laugh at my boots. I will probably cry. and be offended. and that is not ok.

Well, im thinking about maybe packing up the computer and walking the mall. Maybe walmart... i have a few things that i need to get. That and it will be a great time killer~!

Courageously blogging about spending my friday night alone,

PS: i have never wished that i was at work so much in my life. i miss my old job at CS...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Check this out...

Well, i have to admit. i have not done any more of these, and i apologize. 

Here is another blog on my dashboard that i would love to highlight for you~!

My aunt, Sharon, and her husband are in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. Actually, the adoption went through, but i guess you will just have to go Following the Way Home to learn more about their wonderful family, and the journey that they have been and are currently on. 

On a sidenote, today is a day of multiple things going on. Taking my sister in law into mankato, then back, then off to watch my nieces and nephew back in mankato, then killing some time, then possibly off to Buffalo Wild Wings (YES!!!!) before I go see the 3d showing of AVATAR at 10:10pm this evening. Wow! Talk about a day!  And on top of that, we're in a winter storm warning. say WHAT?! This is crazy... 

Well, off to find something productive to do~

Courageously verbalizing that i wish i was still in Juneau,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


... im wearing jeans for the first time in a month. i'll let you know how it goes~


So yesterday was the first monday of the new year, and boy did it deliver as a monday...

First, i need to back up...

Sunday morning i received a phone call from a friend in Juneau. my day was bright.
Then another friend from Juneau (who is from MN) was visiting MN these past couple of weeks, and we decided to meet up somewhere and just hang out. I got ready, and headed up to the cities. 

SIDENOTE: I get really anxious driving in the cities. i never do it. 

So, i pack up and head out to the cities with trusty ol' GPS, Emily. She gets me there and i am thankful.
I hung out with my friend, Ezra and it was totally fun! We went out to eat, played indoor mini-golf and just hung out. It was great having one last moment with a friend from Juneau, and someone from work. It was so fun!

Anyway, I decided to pay my sister, and her husband a visit for the night! I drove over to bloomington, attempted to navigate my way around to a Byerly's (for their delicious selection of cheeses), and was at their apartment. It's a super cute place, and full of love~! We spent the night hanging out and chatting and i dont really remember what else, but it was fun! 

So, the plan was to go to the Mall of America on Monday, and just have fun and hang out. Well, we get to my car, start it, let it warm up, and then proceed to drive. However, it's pulling to the right. a lot. I have Breanne jump out, and check the tire, and much to my dismay... it is completely and utterly flat. I let out a few choice words (hey, i was mad) and proceed to figure out what to do.

We ended up staying home and watching Julie & Julia (delightful movie...) and just hanging out. It was fun...

AAA came, and told me that happens when it gets this cold out. I bring my car in to have the tires checked, and no problems or leaks! I was cleared to drive home! It is now 930ish at night, but i stopped at the gas station, grabbed a frappachino, a smart water, and i was out.

I made it home without any problems in the end... but Man~! What a Monday.

Here's to 51 more Mondays in 2010...

Courageously not enjoying monday,

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy New Year, bloggers~!

The new year has arrived, and i rang it in with my dearest friend and her husband in Spencer, IA. Whoa, did I just say Iowa?! Does that mean that im not in Alaska anymore...? 


I think that the biggest heartbreak/ache i have ever experienced was leaving Juneau. 
I loved my job. I loved my friends.
I went out with a boy multiple times before i left, and enjoyed his company too much...
...and then i had to leave that...

ugh. Now i move on. Now i start fresh in 2010. 
I'm not one to make goals, but rather suggestions. Insane i know, but this year i have new things in store for myself.

I need to write a letter to myself to be opened in 2011.

This year I want to get through 2010 gracefully...with more knowledge. understanding. grace. wisdom. love. etc.

My friend Christina and I discussed our 2009's (good & bad) and what we want out of 2010...
It was wonderful. I met her husband for the 2nd time, and he is so sweet. They are perfect together, and just make me smile! 

Now I am off to continue watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Keena...

Courageously blogging in 2010,