Monday, January 14, 2013

Well, 2013 is still trucking along at a somewhat quick pace. im amazed that February is slowing creeping up. . . but we wont get to that month yet.

i've been attempting to keep up with some of the goals i've set for myself for january. so far, ive had soda on 4 different days this month. not what i wanted. . . im giving up caffeine in february so that will help cut my soda intake a bit more. the only reason im drinking it is because i need the caffeine. dang it.

my lunch has been super healthy these past couple of weeks. and i feel good about it! i do want to be smarter about what i eat at night/on the weekend.

i have had a couple of situations that ive gone into that i feel pretty good about. my theory is this: ive apologized and been nothing more than kind to a group of people, and i am still labeled as a bitch. and you know what... yes, my feelings are hurt about. yes, it's really hard being left out (purposefully) and not being accepted for myself. and yes, it's hard to just bullshit happiness when i know the things that are being said behind my back.

so... i decided why not just let them believe those things about me. those closest to me know who i am and that's what matters. they know that i have a kind hard, and a spunky attitude. but i wouldnt purposefully hurt anyone.

and im trying to be ok with all of that. it's not easy at all, but i can move on. and this is my year to do it.

my husband & i decided that we are each going to take a weekend (separately) and go away and do something that each of us loves to do. he plans to go fishing. i'll probably stay in the city somewhere.

and im really excited for both of us to analyze and think about areas in our lives that we want to work on. and things that we want to better in our lives. and so many other things.

i feel so good about all of makes me feel happy about this year and i love knowing that we both want to have a healthier year. . . whatever that may look like.

i have a tattoo on my wrist, Joshua 1:9, and i have been repeating it to myself over and over these past couple of weeks. I (we) have been commanded to be STRONG and COURAGEOUS! commanded! i am taking that part to heart this year.

so here i go. . . live this life with the strength of the Lord.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

i feel like i say this in every post that i write, but im sorry for the time between posts. 

2012 is gone & 2013 is here. . . so strange to say and think of all that has happened within the last year. 

as i've been thinking about the last year, ive been reminded of what a topsy/turvy year it has been. 

2012 was a rough year. i mean, it was good but it definitely had it's rough patches. 

Some of the highlights?

 I got engaged! April Fool's Day will always hold a special place in my heart :)

 and then i planned a wedding in less than 3 months. . .

 and then i went back to blonde. . . i think i like it?! :)

and most recently, i started a new job and am really enjoying it! :D

 and now i'm in 2013 thinking about what this coming year is going to look like. clearly, i have no idea but i do know that there are things that i want to work on.

1. i want to rid myself of negativity and negative people. in the last week i've deleted 100 people from facebook. it felt really good.
2. i want to say sorry less, and really mean it when i do have to say it. if an apology is given more than once, there comes a time where you move on. this year, i'm moving on.
3. i want to truly love/be kind to others as i am with myself. that means i'm probably going to have to learn to love myself a little bit more.
4. i want to be healthier-- mind. body. soul. spirit. everything. eating right. working out. surrounding myself with beauty. you name. 
5. i want to be more organized & free of clutter! i told my husband that we will be doing a spring cleaning and he had better get excited about it!

those are just a few of the things i want to work on this year. im not a fan of the word "resolution" but i do want to better myself this year. not just for myself, but for those around me, too. 

so, who knows what this blog will look like. it'll probably look like what it has for the last year or so. but maybe with a more hopeful lookout on things. or a kinder one. or. . . who knows?

happy new year to you all. 
and remember to be kind. to yourself and others.
i'll definitely be practicing that this year. . .