Thursday, November 10, 2011

alright. here i am. blogging. i will say this... this is one of my favorite things to do. i think i learn more about myself either before or while i blog than almost any other time. there's something about typing out my thoughts & sending them out into the universe that somehow helps me process.

so... i thank you.

anyway. the point of this post.


theyre really hard. it's not like theyre easy or anything like that. if you want something to work, you have to fight for it.

but if you feel like you have to fight for it, you have to ask yourself if it's worth the fight.

"is this relationship really worth the energy that im putting into it? does the other person really care as much as i do? if not, what can i do about it?"

those are tough questions to ask yourself, let alone answer.

that's what im learning, or i should say what i have been learning. for the last few years.

it's hard to have to ask yourself the same questions all of the time...

anyway. im definitely learning how to navigate them.

some relationships, i am more than willing to work at. to give them the time & care that they need. and to attempt to do so with kindness & grace in my heart.

there are also those relationships where you just say screw this & move on..

im working on both. im walking through both. and theyre pretty hard.

but some of them are worth it. and im willing to be wrong. and apologize. and maybe get my feelings hurt.

because sometimes... that's what has to happen. and it's not like it's easy... because it's not. But...

anyway. thats what im learning. what im walking through. and up & over. and in between. and...

so there's that. im navigating tricky waters. unchartered territories. and to be honest, it is kind of scary.

but i like to think that im doing a good job?...

honesty. hard work. grace. kindness. love. that's what i try to bring to the table~

thank you for reading my faithful blog readers. im thankful for each & every one of you this season.

even the ones i dont know :)


Sharon said...

You will be so thankful that you weren't headed here for dinner tonight. I worked for 45 min. this morning then got called to the nurse's office for child #4 being having already lost her breakfast by 8:45. So...crazy day here. Hope to have you here soon, when we're all healthy!

gramma j. said...

Love you, Lauren Grace,
love, gramma

Girly Muse said...

i'm still trying to figure out this hard topic. it makes it harder to let people go when you're supposed to be christian and all that. :) sometimes i wish i could just drop half the people in my life and only focus on the nice ones. haha but oh well. keep plugging away. xoxo

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