Tuesday, September 4, 2012

lately ive been finding myself extremely thankful. 

for this man.

(Photo Cred: Heath Studios)

he works full-time at a job that he enjoys. 

and on certain days of the week, he goes to class where he's pursuing his masters in psychology. 

he's the lead singer of a band, Modern Day Ruin. and he rocks. (seriously, he does.)

he loves ketel one vodka. more specifically a ketel one martini. shaken. and dirty.

we met on eharmony & always kiss when we see a commercial for it.

our first day consisted of sushi, ice cream & drinks. 

we kissed on our first date. 

we started dating 1 year ago tomorrow (sept. 5th). he asked me after we had made out in his truck on a gravel road. 

it's moments like those that you love a good small town.

we have been married 2.5 months.

(Photo Cred: Heath Studios)

we had been married for 2 months when we celebrated 1 year of knowing each other. 

he's an outdoorsman who loves hunting & fishing. 

we went canoeing on our honeymoon. there was nothing better than seeing him in his element. 

he puts up with my every day. even after he's had a long day at work.

im not sure how he does it. any of it. 

but he does. and he loves me. 

and im forever grateful for that.

(Photo Cred. Heath Studios)
this picture is one of the many reasons i love him.

he's just as big of a goober as i am.

im thankful he loves me. im thankful that i met him. 

it's not always easy. and it has definitely been difficult. 
but i wouldnt want to do this with anyone else.

love you Jas. 
here's to another year of being together. 
plus many more.


Joy said...

Thank you Lauren - for sharing! I love your transparency and reading what you write from your heart. Jason sounds like an awesome guy. Congratulations!

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